Dungeons and Dumbasses

Now, 3.3 has been out for a few weeks now, and I feel like I have had enough exposure to the Dungeon Finder tool to write a post about it. (To be honest, it was prompted by a post by Saresa, at Destructive Reach, http://www.destructivereach.com/2010/01/rants-you-know-you-have-missed-them/ )

Now I’m going to largely agree with Saresa, and also with Matticus ( http://www.worldofmatticus.com/2009/12/22/i-can-carry-you/ – with the exception of the part about Oculus at the bottom ) I don’t care about your gear, as long as you :-

  • Push out as much DPS as you can (without standing in voidzones and such) – as long as you’re near 1k, I don’t mind carrying your share of the damage.
  • If you’re the tank, you need to be able to hold aggro (at least on a single target, if I die AoEing, then I’ll stop).
  • If you’re the healer, you need to keep the tank alive (and heal any non-avoidable damage to the group, like what 90% of the trash in Forge of Souls deal).

Now I’d like to think that I’m not asking much. It kinda makes me sad, because as a DPSer, I can carry the groups DPS requirements (as long as the two others are dealing about 1k, we’ll be fine) but I can’t be a bit more useful (like if I was a healer and could just carry the group by healing through everything).

Of course, not everyone has such a pleasant attitude. Sometimes (and this seems to be (to me) a bigger problem with the tanks and healers, who often act more important with there instant queues) you get a selfish arrogant player who treats the other players like shit. These are usually the ones who are obviously only doing these for their two bonus badges per day, and are decked out in full ToC and ICC gear, and who will be pulling 3-5k DPS, and calling anyone below 2.5k ‘shit’ and ‘scrub’ and ‘fail’ DPS. Worst (but when you get a nice one they are the best thing ever) are the tanks that deal 2k + DPS and call all the DPS crap (even when you are outdpsing them) and who pull whole rooms and yell at the healer when he (the tank) dips below half health.

Of course, this is coming from about 3 or 4 bad experiences I’ve had with the system, and in general, the groups have either fallen into the wonderfully efficient “silent but deadly” groups, where the most communication that happens is that occasionally a mob or two is marked, and the “Thanks for the group” at the end, or the “chillaxed” group, who are cracking jokes, and having a good time (usually I get chill groups in Culling of Stratholme, but sometimes I get them elsewhere), but tend to be a little less efficient, although this is because they let the healer drink after every couple of chain pulls.

The only other thing I have to mention is the tendency of people to bail out of Oculus the moment they get in.  Give it 15 minutes. Please. You should be able to clear the place out (or at least get to the final boss) by then, and now you get 2 bonus Heroic badges, and a chance at a sweet mount (sure, it’s a bribe, but some of us want to do it anyway).

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