Character Interviews : Selite

So, I’ve been inspired by this Shared Topic idea, by Azryu of  The Arcanery, and have decided to steal it for myself, and perhaps will end up doing all my characters in the future (and I mean all my characters, both from Warcraft and elsewhere). Therefore, today I have decided to go ahead a have a chat with Selite. This shouldn’t be too hard, everything I say she comments on anyway (at least in my head).

The crunch of leaves can be heard underfoot, as I step into the autumnal clearing.

There she is, sitting on a tree stump, with a tired look obvious upon her face. As I enter the clearing, she looks up at me, and says softly…

So, you’re here at last, huh? I was wondering when you would get here.

I go to open my mouth, but she continues regardless.

Are you surprised to see me here? Are you that daft?

I- well,”

You should know that I have a life of my own when you’re not looking through my eyes. You’re smarter than that.

I sigh, and step towards her, into the clearing. “Sure, but here, why here? A small clearing in the middle of Eversong Woods, of all the places in Azeroth, why right here?

Really? This is my home, you idiot.

She kicked up a bunch of orange leaves, which floated slowly to the ground in between us.

We stared at each other, assessing each other, for minutes.

Anyway, how’s magic working out for you?” I asked clumsily. ‘Oh god, this is even worse than unresolved sexual tension.’ I thought.


She looked at me like I had asked her to stab her mother in the face, mixed with the slightest hint of concern.

And what about you, how’s whatever you’re doing going?

I smiled. “Nice to know for all of your powers of precognition aren’t all powerful.” She glared slightly, before she gave me a strange look and smiled a little, realizing it was a joke. “I’m fine, by the way.

Good, good. Anyway… I’ve got to go. Uhh, take care of yourself, eh?

You too.” We smiled nervously at each other, before we both walked away.

Well, I’m not sure what to think of that. Both me and Sel are amazingly shy? Perhaps it is just the whole privacy thing. We would of been better off conducting this chat somewhere more public, like in Dalaran. Perhaps next time, eh? (Perhaps)

2 thoughts on “Character Interviews : Selite

  1. I like it- it does indeed seem to have a romantic flair in between the lines. But perhaps it’s not necessarily romance- maybe it’s just a bond of some sort? Perhaps one could see their character in game as the fruits of their labor?

    Anyway, I liked it, though I wish you went a little further with it :) Though I imagine it might have taken quite some time to write, it was a quick (but enjoyable, mind you!) read.
    Thank you for replying

  2. Yeah, I would of liked to spend a bit more time with it, but I was in a little bit of a rush. I’ll probably come back to her later and try giving her a bit more time, instead of the rushed and unplanned stuff I had there.

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