(Not so sure about the numbers, not being a huge raider myself, but I’m not exactly going to bother changing them)

This week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic is “What kind of Boss would you be?” – which is something that I went “Yeah, I could probably do that”, to. Therefore, I present to you…

M <Lord of the Twilight Realm>

The encounter is a long and arduous one, much like the Lich King encounter, but longer, and questionably harder.

The encounter takes place in a large room, which is hexagonal in shape. The walls and stuff come around to make it look like a big Gothic cathedral style room, complete with several stained glass windows, lit from behind by a purple light.

Phase 1

The fight begins by activating an orb in the middle of the room. M floats down from the ceiling, and lands in front of the wall opposite the entrance door (which closes when the orb is activated).

The first phase is a simple(ish) tank and spank affair, which will only require a single tank, as M has no cleaves, and his sword only hits for a mere 3k base damage (with a swing speed of 2.0 seconds). In addition, he has the following abilities.

Fireball No-cast time.
A fireball explodes in the targeted area (with 5 seconds to get out of the way) dealing 2000 – 3500 fire damage to all players within 15 yards of where it lands.

Arcane Blast 2 second cast time.
Deals 4000 – 6000 damage to the targeted player (the tank) this is interruptible.

Heal 5 second cast time.
M heals himself for 5,000,000. Will cast this every two minutes from when the encounter is engaged.

In addition, there is a single achievement for this Phase.

Phase 2

After the raid has dealt 17.5 Million points of damage to M, the encounter moves into the second Phase.

M instantly casts the ability Dark Wave knocking everyone in the raid onto their backs, and shattering all the walls of the room, leaving the players with a view of a purple-y abyss.

In this phase, two tanks are needed, as M has a number of abilities that deal damage to the two highest threat targets in this phase. He also gains another sword, and hits the two highest threat targets within melee range for 2k (2.5s swing, both swing at once) base damage each.

He uses the following abilities.

Dark Cut instant – 12 second cooldown
M deals 3k shadow damage to all targets in melee range in a 120 degree arc in front of his face.

Dark Bolts 2 second cast time – 8 second cooldown
M flings dark bolts at the two highest threat targets, dealing 2000 – 4000 shadow damage. Interruptible.

Aura of Despair
Every 30 seconds (except for the first one, which is 35 seconds after the beginning of the phase) M adds another stack of this to the raid, increasing shadow damage taken by 10% This fades at the beginning of  Phase 3.

Phase 2.5

After the raid has dealt another 7.5 million damage, M leaps away, forcing the raid to follow him across several smaller hexagonal platforms, to another large Hex. Then the raid re-enters Phase 2. After the raid deals another 7.5 million damage, the encounter moves on to Phase 3.

Phase 3

After leading the raid across another set of smaller platforms, M runs through a portal (more like a hole, the raid can just jump through) to the next arena. This ‘room’ looks like a city square, with a fountain in the middle. M uses the same abilities as in the first phase, but Heal has been replaced with Summon Shadow (see below) there is only one tank required for M in this phase, but the Off-tank will need to be on adds, probably.

Summon Shadow
Every 30 seconds, M casts this on a random player in the raid (think like the 1st boss in Forge of Souls, with the whole beam of doom and whatnot) knocking them down & dealing 3k shadow damage, and spawning a Shadow next to them. These are either Healer ShadowsMelee Shadows, or Caster Shadows, depending on the player beamed (the MT will not be targeted; if the OT is targeted, it’s a Melee one). Every 2 summons, the number of beamed players increases by one (so at 30s & 60s, 1 beam; at 90s & 120s, 2 beams, etc).

Phase 3.5

After dealing another 60 million damage to M, the raid transitions into the next sub- phase, where M can take no damage (he needs to be tanked though) and the DPSers need to collect 32 [Shards of Shadow] and throw them into the fountain in the middle of the ‘room’. In addition, M stops casting Summon Shadow on members of the raid, (but they start coming 4 every 15 seconds by themselves) when killed, the shadows drop the [Shards of Shadow] on the ground (like the harpoons with Skadi in Utgarde Pinnacle) to be picked up by the raid.

In addition, every 60 seconds, M enrages slightly, increasing the damage of his Melee hits, and Arcane Blast by 10%.

Phase 4

Once the 32nd shard has been thrown in the fountain, the whole world explodes (again) and the raid finds themselves falling down through the clouds. In this phase, M transforms into a massive dragon thing, and gains several new abilities. This stage of the fight is on a strict timer, as after 5 minutes, the raid will hit the ground, wiping them out.

M gets a generic breath attack, and cleaves, but otherwise is fairly simple. As the fight is in mid air, the players can move around as if they were swimming. On occasion, he also summons Kael style doom balls, that chase the raid, for 20 seconds.

Once the players deal another 60 million damage, he dies, and the players find themselves safely falling onto a platform, where a chest with their loot awaits.

Not that I’ve thought of that, and I’m getting hungry. I might think of some later though, who knows.


Lord of Time
Kill the <Lord of the Twilight Realm> without letting himself heal himself in the first Phase of the encounter. (Is only awarded after the boss has died)

Free of Despair
Kill the <Lord of the Twilight Realm> without letting Aura of Despair reach 5 stacks. (Is only awarded after the boss has died)

Shadow Keeper
Prevent the <Lord of the Twilight Realm> from stealing the shadows of 40 group members.

Quicktime Killer
Kill the <Lord of the Twilight Realm> with more than 2 minutes left before your inevitable demise.

I wish I could do more, but I have other things to do (like eat, or something) will probably add some more (loot and achieves) later, and might sure up the math, too.

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