Okay, perhaps healing isn’t so bad after all.

I’ve spent much of the last week or so playing around with Iriai (Iraia, she has a new name to go with her fancy new server), healing things, DCing on Headless Horseman, 2 HH because everyone DCed, etc.

New healing is actually quite fun. First things first, Holy Power. It’s an alright system, and while it is basically a combo-point thing, it makes there be a few more varing paths on ‘what to do’ instead of HLing whoever is taking damage.

Yes, you do cast Holy Shock every, single, fucking, cooldown, but hey, whatever. But there are TACTICS. Lets say I am healing a 5 man, and let’s say that it is Forge of Souls (mainly because this more or less did happen). Now, sure, mana isn’t really a huge issue, despite my total lack of spirit (my paladin gear – it has none) but lets pretend it was (and it was by the end of the dungeon).

I can cast any heal on my Beacon (who only takes 50% of my healing now, so sometimes it is necessary) to gain 1 Holy Power. (Please note that, I am fairly sure that [Holy Shock] will only give 1 Holy Power, even when cast on your bacon)

Considering that one of my goals is to get 3 Holy Power, and cast a free, instant, and kinda good heal from [Word of Glory], that basically means that when I have nobody to heal, I’m going to be casting [Holy Light] (our ‘midrange’ heal, basically use it like you did pre-4.x, orĀ all the fucking time) on by beacon. This also heals me for 5k-6k thanks to PotI, which means that I’m really not going to have to worry about myself (then again, I am under-geared and only have ~20k health, so these are -big- heals coming in on me, relative to my maximum health pool).

That being said, it is still a really confronting experience being responsible for keeping everyone alive. I mean, if a tank fucks up, a good healer can probably save the group from wiping (in a 5 man, at least), if some DPS fuck up, nobody really cares, but if a healer fucks up, that can make it hard to save the pull (unless you have somebody who can off-heal).

Note that I don’t mean that last bit in a demeaning way, tanks are important, and so is good DPSers (a good dps doesn’t need to do great damage, but they do need to give me a run for my money on “Thaddius tango” where you go as long as you can without fucking up. Apparently it’s really hard, but I was always really good at it (because I was always so fucking nervous, despite the fact that my 2-3k DPS was hardly helping the raid).

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