Shared Topic: Or How I Came To Love The Horde

This week’s shared topic (which I am writing now, because I don’t want to write about Rift, because I am still trying to figure out what to say), once again provided to us by Ringo Flinthammer, is “Horde: Good or Evil”.

I am a member of the Horde. Not a proud member, but one none the less. I love my Alliance toons, but none of them have past level 60, so yeah (I do plan to rectify this in the near future, however).

I would argue that the Horde is no more good or evil than the Alliance, however, my views are probably somewhat skewed.

(Note: I totally can barely remember Warcraft Lore, so this is probably a little bit wrong – still worth reading though?)

In the First War (Warcraft 1), the Orcs spread across the land and killed some people (both canonically, and what happened ‘personally’).

In the Second War, they were brutally pushed back by the alliance, and locked up in Internment Camps (canonically; I remember playing Horde as my ‘main’ in WC1&2, so yeah).

In the Third, the Horde is a significantly different beast, which we will call, for lack of a better term, the ‘New Horde’. The New Horde, led by Thrall, is undoubtedly a bunch of good guys, comprising of the Honorable Orcs, the Trolls, and Dinner the Tauren. They did a bunch of stuff, leading to the Orcs having a new home, Orgrimmar.

With World Of Warcraft, and the Burning Crusade, Thrall welcomed the Forsaken, who then brought the Blood Elves into the fold. This is where it starts to become less “Team Baby-Savers”.

In Cataclysm, the New Horde has been disbanded, and replaced by the ‘New New Horde’ (Or, ‘The Horde 3.0′), lead by Garrosh Hellscream, Idiotchief of the Horde. Internally, the Horde is more fractured than the Humans, with nobody liking the Horde’s new direction apart from the Orcs.

To be specific, the Trolls have been moved into a slum, and are not too impressed, the Forsaken are neutral, perhaps in favor, because they can be evil over in the Eastern Kingdoms without anybody really noticing, the Tauren are kinda miffed, because Garrosh (‘accidentally’) killed Carne, and the Blood Elves are stuck in the past kinda a little bit.

So, here’s a list of what the Horde actually is, as of 4.0:

  • Orcs: Chaotic Stupid
  • Trolls: ┬áChaotic Neutral
  • Tauren: Lawful Good (they have paladins now, which means they must be)
  • Forsaken: Neutral Evil (Yeah, they’re pretty evil)
  • Blood Elves: True Neutral (or ‘Neutral Shunned’)
  • Goblins: Chaotic Lawful.

And, for completeness’ sake, the Alliance:

  • Humans: Lawful Stupid (leaning towards Stupid Stupid)
  • Dwarves: Lawful Drunk
  • Gnomes: Chaotic Good (Evil)
  • Night Elves: Compassionate Good
  • Draenei: Lawful Good (or ‘Shunned Maximus’)
  • Worgen: Chaotic Lame (with leanings of ‘Chaotic Dapper’)

I, uhh, really don’t have much more to say on the matter. Lists are kinda great though.

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